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The TAC Newsletter is published quarterly and includes current events, recovery news, and general information about goings-on around The TAC. Hard copies are available at The TAC in designated dispensers. To open a copy of the Current TAC Newsletter CLICK HERE or "right-click" the link to download the pdf file to your computer. If you would like receive a copy of The TAC Newsletter in your email inbox as soon new issues are available, see the link at the bottom of this page to request being added to the e-distribution list.

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You may email The TAC Webmaster with any comments, suggestions, or questions about this website or The TAC in general at webmaster@carytac.com

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NamePositionPhone NumberEmail Address
Joe R.President919-744-4320joe_r@carytac.com
Hank M.Vice Presidenthank_m@carytac.com
Karlis M.Secretarykarlis_m@carytac.com
Newton P.Treasurernewton_p@carytac.com
Steve L.Chief Financial Officersteve_l@carytac.com
Billy D.Officer at Largebilly_d@carytac.com
Michael B.Officer at Largemichael_b@carytac.com

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Group Announcements

Groups holding meetings at the TAC may request announcements be made via the website. Please email requests to the Webmaster. Please include full announcement text or a copy of flyers. Group announcements requests will be reviewed by the TAC board, and approved messages will be posted.

Please allow at least 10 days for your request to be reviewed and posted to the website.


Blogs from the Board

Message from the TAC Board President

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with the TAC members about the amazing people behind the scenes that take care of the club that's near and dear to us all. I don't want to embarrass or single anyone out individually, so I'm just going to name a few of the many things accomplished by Melissa, David, Steve, Newton, Ron and Joe this year:

  • several well attended events for the TAC anniversary and July 4th; much of the food was donated through the philanthropic efforts of board members;
  • picnic tables in the back were spruced up and repaired;
  • a new book shelf in the front room for literature;
  • TAC hosted the 2014 Alcathons and will be doing so again this year - huge commitment by all the groups;
  • regular supply runs for the vending machines, coffee supplies, cleaning and bathroom products; not to mention the stocking of said vending machines and coffee supplies as well as putting the cleaning products to good use during Friday afternoon clean up;
  • steady stream of new chairs in the big meeting room and disposal of the damaged ones;
  • speaker podium has a fresh coat of paint;
  • speaker CD's have been added to the lending library in the lounge;
  • added a cable box to the TV in the lounge;
  • personal time commitment from board members to follow up on reports of disruptive behavior at meetings to decipher whether principles or personalities were the root causeā€¦
  • rallying of the troops to fix the damage done during the recent break in order to keep the club open and running for meetings - fixing the soda and snack machines, lock on the back door, the safe door and talking to the police; even with the $2K plus in damages we'll still finish in the black for the year with expenses slightly below revenue.
  • replacing emergency lighting and recertifying the fire extinguishers to pass our recent fire marshal inspection;
  • purchase of new vacuum and carpet cleaner;
  • names added to our plaque to celebrate those we love that lost their lives regardless of their status in recovery at the time of their passing;
One other person I have to mention by name and single out is Jon G. He diligently and with great kindness, maintains our website and handles much of our member correspondence. He also puts great effort in assisting with the supply runs, organization of those supplies and is a huge help in the regular cleaning.

I'm humbled by the tireless and selfless efforts of these seven (including Jon) amazing drunks - I'm privileged to know them and proud to work alongside them.


TAC Break-in Saga and Update                                                                                                                           December 2015

As many of you are likely aware of, the TAC was broken into in mid November. As best we can tell, the individual(s) gained access by blunt force of the left rear door and then proceeded to try to break in to the safe, the soda machine and the snack machine.

Both vending machines and the safe received considerable damage but they are designed to withstand quite a bit of external trauma and they did their job; not a penny was extracted from the safe or the vending machines. A police report was filed and they are being more vigilant in their patrols and we have added bright lighting to the rear of the building.

Unfortunately, the costs to repair the machines, the rear door, and the safe were extensive. So far, we have spent $310 to repair the rear door (adding a blunt force resistant lock), we spent $195 getting new electronics for the snack machine and $116 for repairs on the soda machine. The biggest repair bills were for the damage done to the safe and the damage done to the locking mechanism on the soda machine which came to roughly $900. We have been fortunate that we have some industrious members and all the repairs (including some custom metal part making) were done free of charge.

This brings the grand total of the vandalism to $1500+ which is a real shame. So the good news is that we did not lose any of our funds. The bad news is that we had to spend an awful lot to repair the damages. You may be wondering about insurance - we unfortunately do not carry insurance for this type of event (the cost / benefit tradeoff has not been deemed worthwhile).

After a recent conversation with the shopping center owner, they have repaired and/or upgraded all the building exterior lighting to ensure plenty of illumination during all dark hours. In addition, they are exploring the addition of security cameras around the periphery of the building. We will keep everyone posted but we have already made it clear that we would only want any cameras around our club working between midnight and 5 am (no meetings during that time).

Yours in Service.

The TAC Board

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