Joining the TAC

How to become a TAC member in 3 easy steps

Join The TAC

If you would like to become a TAC member please click the button above, fill out the attached form, and hit submit. Make payments annually ($150/year) or monthly ($15/month) using the "Donate" button above. A Paypal account is not required to make a payment and a credit card is all that is needed.

1) First, determine which of the following Membership Plans is best for you.

The Triangle Alano Club offers several different plans that make membership easy for everyone.  Use which ever approach best suits your needs.  All membership types offer exactly the same member benefits and only differ by payment plan.  Use the following table to decide which plan is best for you.

Plan Type Plan Description Cost and Payments


The most popular type of membership where members pay/renew their membership once per year, which covers dues for the following 12 month period.

$150.00 paid once a year on renewal date.


This is a 1 year membership with a MONTHLY payment plan.  Members commit to making small monthly payments due the 1st of each month for 1 year, but may convert to an ANNUAL membership type at any time. 

$15.00 on the 1st of each month for 1 year.  

2) Submit your Membership Application

Once you've selected your membership type as described above, you simply complete and submit an application along with the associated payment and you're in!  Applications can be picked up at The TAC where they are located on the column in the middle of the main meeting room, or you can Click Here to download and print a pdf version of the application right now. Or you can click the "Join The Tac" button at the top of this page.  Applications can be submitted using any of the following three methods:

Mail a hard copy of your completed application, along with your initial payment ($150 for ANNUAL, $15.00 for MONTHLY) to:
          The TAC Membership
          P.O. BOX 3353 
          Cary, NC 27519-3353

(b) Place a hard copy of your completed application, along with your initial payment into an envelope and drop it into the Black Safe in the main/front room at The TAC

3) Receive your TAC Coffee Mug and Access to Members Benefits

Your membership is considered active as soon as your application and payment are recieved and you may immediately begin using the Members Lounge (when available) and attending functions.  A TAC Coffee Mug with your first name and last initial will magically appear on the Mug rack in the hallway at The TAC within 1-2 weeks of your application being submitted.  Once your application and payment is submitted, you may also sign up to receive the quarterly TAC newsletter by signing up at: TAC Communications.

Members are encouraged to use their new coffee mugs when they attend meetings at the TAC both to cut down on costly styrofoam cup use, and to let visitors know who TAC members are if they have questions about being a member.

Keeping Your Membership Current

Your membership is considered in good standing if when you pay your dues according to your contract. Dues are due on the 1st of each the month and considered delinquent after the 10th of the month dues are expected (either annually or monthly depending on your contract.) Membership becomes delinquent if dues are 90 days past due.

Dues may be paid as follows:

  1. Mail check to:
              The TAC Membership
              P.O. BOX 3353 
              Cary, NC 27519-3353

  2. You may also consider setting up electronic bill pay with your bank to pay your dues automatically. Use the address above as the bill recepient name and address.

  3. Put a check or cash in a properly identified money envelope located on the top of the safe at the TAC and deposit the envelope in the drop drawer in the safe.


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