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The TAC Newsletter is published quarterly and includes current events, recovery news, and general information about goings-on around The TAC. Hard copies are available at The TAC in designated dispensers. To open a copy of the Current TAC Newsletter CLICK HERE or "right-click" the link to download the pdf file to your computer. If you would like receive a copy of The TAC Newsletter in your email inbox as soon new issues are available, see the link at the bottom of this page to request being added to the e-distribution list.

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Groups holding meetings at the TAC may request announcements be made via the website. Please email requests to the Webmaster. Please include full announcement text or a copy of flyers. Group announcements requests will be reviewed by the TAC board, and approved messages will be posted.

Please allow at least 10 days for your request to be reviewed and posted to the website.


Blogs from the Board

Message from the TAC Board President

The TAC is “A Safe Place and Right Place to be”…this is paraphrased from an Al-anon reading and I believe the TAC is just that – a safe and loving place to become your best self. I hope you can appreciate how beautiful, clean, and supportive a place the TAC is? If you have not been to another Alano or AA clubhouses in the USA, Canada, or abroad, you’ll find they come in all shapes and styles. Plus our TAC is very special because of the people who attend. Over the summer I returned to my favorite Woman’s meeting in New York City’s Alanon House (for AA Meetings), off 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, high above a lively neighborhood. This very small, crowded room filled to the brim with 30 seats, has situated in the front of the room one of Bill W’s desks. On the wall are very old signs, a “peace-maker” baseball bat belonging to Bill, and an original 1940’s coffee can opener. The room’s history and energy of recovery speaks volumes. Here are a couple of photos from this small, homey clubhouse. It’s charming.

As you can see “homey” is a good description for this club. Plus the women there are warm and welcoming just like at the TAC. They may not have the same format as we do in NC, yet at their meetings their hospitality and love warm the heart just the same! We are grateful for everyone who makes our TAC a wonderful place. From the newcomers who “keep coming back” and eventually do service with their sponsors and old-timers who help keep the TAC clean each week, to those who help chair meetings and our “social” friends who help make our social events run so smoothly. A huge thanks goes to all our financial contributors and members!You know who you are!A 12 Step clubhouse is only as successful as the people who attend meetings and do service there! I know it is fun to do service and your time is important and we appreciate the big and little things you do. I hope your service, at the TAC, contributes to your life purpose 100 fold.

Blessings, Janet Littlejohn, TAC President


Coffee Maker's Demise

In early July, our workhorse coffee maker which supplies regular coffee to the AA and Alanon members who attend our 44 meetings per week began showing signs of old age. It was intermittently overflowing pots and was causing our beloved group coffee preparers much consternation when a surprising mess was found on the floor upon their return to refill the pot. By July 15th the machine that supplies the spit and fire to Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon members world wide gave up the ghost. Can you imagine an AA meeting without coffee? On average AA and Alanon group members go through twenty five 34 ounce containers of coffee per month. The front of the Folgers container states that the 34 ounces of coffee brews 270 six ounce cups . This adds up to 6750 cups of coffee a month or 81000 cups per year. We still enjoy our brew!

This was a gigantic emergency threatening the very core of the groups.Your TAC board sprang into action. The first order of business was to find something to put in its place immediately. AA and Alanon meetings must go on! Once again the board’s great friend, Hank M., came to the rescue by loaning a Bunn coffee maker that he had at his home. Does Hank own everything that has anything to do with feeding large quantities of people? Hank brought the unit over the very same day and as a result, we had time to work on either repairing or replacing the current unit. First we looked into repairing the unit. Two repair companies were called. Both said they could come out to our facility but a minimum cost of $250.00 plus parts was prohibitive. After several emails and a vote by the board, it was decided that we would replace the unit for a cost of $592.00. We were able to have it quickly shipped from samsclub.com and we had the new unit in just a few days. Again Hank M. helped us out by hooking it up on July 19th. We had our inaugural cup that afternoon. Hopefully this unit will provide hot coffee to our many group members for many years to come.

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